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Jim Cheshire

I've been a scanning hobbyist for almost 40 years and I've owned a ton of different radios. I recently purchased a radio from a large scanner manufacturer to monitor my local P25 system. Shortly thereafter, I found out that consumer grade radios (such as the one I had just purchased) have terrible problems decoding LSM P25 systems. It was around that time that someone mentioned the Unication G4/G5 pager line to me. After a little research, I knew I had to have one. I ended up selling a bunch of kayaking gear and my kayak that was not being used, and I bought a G5 and an amplified charger. This little pager is an absolute dream for those of us who have suffered in the past from simulcast issues on a P25 system. Decoding is perfect with this pager and I now hear everything perfectly. Even with the stubby antenna that comes with the pager, I get perfect reception in my truck. This alone makes it well worth the cost, but that's not the only thing that really makes this pager great. At every level, you can tell that this pager is built like a tank. From the quality of the case, to the built-in rubberized edges, to the rock-solid quality of the knobs, this pager screams quality. Drop it? No problem! Drop it in the creek? No problem! This pager is built to work where first responders work, and all it takes is holding it in your hand for a moment to know that it's going to hold up for as long as you need it. I'm also extremely pleased with the performance of the included battery. I can easily get a full day out of it, and more often than not, I can get a day and a half without having to charge it. I always have my G5 with me. I absolutely love it and will continue to recommend it enthusiastically to anyone who will listen. Great job, Unication!

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