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G2/G3/G4/G5 Download Resource Center

Access G-Series PPS Programming Software, Brochures, Manuals, and More

***Mobile Users: Software Downloads are only available on Desktop. Thank you!

G2-G5 Software
Current Firmware Version: V2.02
Current PPS Programming Software: 4.0 (V0.4.0.39)
Default username & password for PPS is "admin"

IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT PPS 4.0: PPS 4.0 supports firmware V1.3 or later. Devices running version V1.2 or older must update firmware to use PPS 4.0.

Trouble Connecting Device to PPS? 


G-Series PPS will install a G2-G5 driver to your computer. PPS must install the driver BEFORE connecting device into the computer.

If you are having issues connecting your device to the Computer/ PPS, use button below to download & install the driver.

-  NEW G2-G5 PPS 4.0  -
G2-G5 PPS 4.0 - Quick Overview

G2-G5 PPS 4.0 - Quick Overview

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  • Customer Public Resource Manager- This is where all systems, custom alerts and custom voice prompts are stored. All three can be easily added to any Code Plug (CP) file you are building.

  • TGID's are now stored with the system they belong to. You will only see the appropriate ID's when selecting a P25 system.*

  • Ability to open more than one CP file at time.

  • Ability to copy and paste system and TGID's from one CP file to another.

*In order to have ID's separate with the appropriate system, you will need create a new CP file. Importing into the new 4.0 PPS will store all IDs together. We highly recommend taking the time to import all your systems into the Public Resource Manager, it is worth the effort.

G-Series Message Backup Software

G-Series PPS Import from RadioReference Tutorial

G-Series P25 Product Resources

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