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Microsite Solution

A Powerful and Affordable One-Way P25 Coverage Extension for P25 Paging


An Affordable Solution to Gaps in P25 Coverage

Extend P25 coverage into areas facing coverage gaps, including...


  • Multiple buildings with limited or no coverage

  • Blackout or Dead Zones that cover several square miles

  • Population growth into rural outer fringe areas with no coverage

​A Superior & Cost Effective Solution

Traditional trunking solutions, such as BDA installations, new towers or new radio sites are cost & time prohibitive and outside most agency's budget.

  • Unication's Microsite Solution extends existing P25 coverage into marginal or new coverage areas at a fraction of the cost

  • Allows site installation in remote areas

  • Uses Existing legacy Police/Fire VHF base sites & antenna towers

  • One-way P25 trunking coverage extension for paging, upgradeable to two-way using same equipment


Top Features of R-Series Microsite:
Unication has over 28 years’ experience designing radio communications products and solutions and has worked hard to develop the solutions our customer’s demand….

Cost Effective Full power P25 Trunking Equipment

  • TC01 Trunking Site Controller, compact 1U

  • Advanced efficient transmitter cooling to deliver high reliability

Wide area P25 Coverage Extension/Fill in

  • Extend existing P25 System (“Host”) into marginal or new coverage areas

  • Site installation in remote areas

  • Campus inbound P25 signal diversity reception

  • Re-use legacy Police/Fire station VHF base sites, including reuse of existing legacy antenna towers

Flexible Platform Topologies

  • One-way P25 trunking coverage extension for P25 Paging

  • Upgradable to two-way trunking. Re-uses the 1-way Paging equipment (GPS Locked frequency & Time reference)

  • Base Station Radio R0x has independent and configurable receiver and transmitter frequency bands

  • Conventional: dynamic mixed mode P25 digital conventional or analog conventional

  • Data: Dynamic assignment between voice and SNDCP data frames

  • Linear option supports:

    • Simulcast operation. Supports all linear modulations including LSM, WCPSK, H-DQPSK (Phase II)

    • TDMA Phase II Transmission


Radio Linking to Host Site using Directional Antennas

  • Cost effective, efficient installation

  • No monthly linking costs for one-way paging site configuration using TC01

  • Can re-use legacy County Fire/Police Station sites and towers using TC01

Standard P25 ISSI IP linking using TC01

  • Interface to standard dispatch and existing radio systems

  • Dual redundant Microwave radio and/or Fiber, etc.

  • Software upgrade to support ISSI standard two-way site configuration

  • P25 Standard ISSI IP linking using TC01

Inbound P25 Receiver Diversity using Cr01

  • CR01 receivers installed in problem areas (no fan, can be in ‘dusty’ environment)

  • Install DCS “Diversity combiner software” at main repeater BR01site

  • Rugged metal housing, no fan required, 12VDC operation (wall adapter, standard UPS), wide temp operating range -22°F to 140°F

  • No FCC license required for the CR01 site, can use low-cost sites

  • GPS Synchronization and packet time stamping

  • Connects to BR01 repeater site diversity combiner DC01 unit

  • Multiple connection methods to DC01

  • Wi-Fi, LTE, Ethernet, BR01 RF linking, 4wire, satellite

Alarm Reporting:

TX01 Alarms and Information:

TX01 Temperature

Forward power after isolator
Reverse power after isolator
DC input voltage (at Transmitter DC terminals)
Fan rotation
PA currents
Battery voltage
Power supply voltage
AC main failure / running on battery 
Hardware revision

CR01 Alarms and Information:

CR01 temperature
Loss of GPS signal
Loss of external time mark signal
DSP failures
Loss of communications to TX01
Receiver alarms, including synthesizer
Power supply voltage & Battery voltage
Hardware revision
Software revision of DSPs and ARM
Intrusion alarm – front door & rear door
GPIO – telemetry ports
ADC port, DAC port, Serial port

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