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John Bruetch- Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

We were dispatched on a mutual aid run with our tanker for a 3rd alarm assignment at a restaurant fire. I was already up and proceeded to the scene, beating the tanker by several minutes. After I arrived, I decided to shoot some pictures of the well involved fire. While I was digging the camera out of the truck I somehow dropped my pager and it slid under the truck unbeknownst to me.

A few hours later, after leaving and arriving at home, I had that sinking feeling one gets when you suddenly realize something is missing. My pager was nowhere to be found. I searched the truck and couldn't find it. I woke the wife up and told her. She volunteered to go back to the scene with me and look for it. As we neared the scene I had to go through the Fire Police checkpoint. I explained why I was coming back and they told me - you must be the guy with the yellow pager. Excellent I thought. They found it. Pick it up and go home.

Nice... Then they dropped the big one - oh by the way, our deuce and a half ran it over. It's at the fire station. I figured I would go pick up the pieces and lick my wounds and go home while I would be explaining to the wife how much another pager would cost. Arriving at the fire house I told Julie I would pick up the pieces and be right back. I walked in, asked about the pager and they pointed me to the watch station. Walking in I figured this will be good. Imagine the surprise when they handed me the pager in one piece...

A few little scratches and some dirt but it looked great. Turned it on to normal scan and heard the county dispatching another call. Needless to say it is one impressive pager. It is far better than the Minitor V I had previously. Features are excellent, sounds and looks great as well. I have told everyone who asks about it how great they are. And my fire company as well as the others in my township have all purchased them. They are truly light years ahead of the competition.

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