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Daniel Michael

I started in the public safety/emergency services field in 1994. Through the years I've always been a hard core Motorola guy whether it was voice pagers, digital/alpha pagers, radios, etc. The first time I used a G1 was doing a demo and within an hour I was sold on it. With the G1 being water proof, rugged, and having a display, I was sold. Not long after that I had the opportunity to demo a G5 for a couple weeks. When the demo was delivered I already had a codeplug ready. I knew within 30 minutes of having it that I was going to have G5 also. I show off both the G1 & G5 every chance I get. And where I live in the Piedmont of North Carolina we get hammered with nasty storms this time of year. During this part of the year my G1 is parked on our area NOAA Weather Radio set to selective call for the 1050Hz tone so it is essentially a weather radio, but it's a weather radio I can carry. The Minitors won't do that! Unication rocks!!!! Keep up the awesome work!!!!!

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